Fuse Location Chart

Although this may seem very basic to many people, some people don't even know the easy way to check fuses. I've seen people suffer through the big pain of taking each and every fuse out one at a time to see if any of them are burnt. There's a lot easier way of checking fuses without taking them out.

Ever notice that fuses have two small metal "tabs" on top of them? Those "tabs" or prongs are for checking them with a tester. You can buy a specific tester for this task but an ordinary 12V tester will work.

Fuse Location Chart

How do you test a fuse with a 12V tester?

Ground the wire on the tester to a good clean ground. Usually they have an alligator clip on the end of them for this purpose.

Then all you have to do is put the tester on one side of the fuse and then on the other side of the fuse. If when you touch them, only one side makes the tester light up it means that the fuse is bad. If both sides make the tester light then the fuse is good.

This may seem like such a simple thing, but you wouldn't believe how much time and agony it will save you.

Below is a fuse location chart. Its from an 89 Lx, but it should work for all 87-93 5.0's.

Fuse Location Chart

1 15 Hazards, brake lights
2 8.25 wiper, washer (circuit breaker)
3 n/a spare
4 15 Headlights, tail lights
5 15 turn signals, reverse lights, convertible top
6 20 A/C clutch, trunk release, radio illumination
7 n/a spare
8 15 key warning chime, fuel filler door, power window
9 30 A/C blower, heater blower motor
10 20 Flasher, low oil level
11 15 clock, equalizer
12 n/a  
13 5 instrument illumination
14 20 power windows
15 15 fog lights
16 20 horn, cigarette lighter
17 n/a  
18 15 seat belt warning chime, low fluids warning, compressor clutch control

Hopefully this will help everyone who has requested this.

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