Water Pump Install Part Two

Water Pump Install Part Two

The only major difference between changing a Fox water pump, compared to the 94/95 SN95's waterpump removal, is the following bracket that is next to come off.

Once you get the bolts off of the bracket, it will take some wiggling around, but it will eventually come off, after that you can see the studs that hang out from the water pump that held the bracket on, you will need a deep socket to get these off (*Again, I think these are 5/8ths bolts, but im not 100% sure)

VERY carefully work your way around loosening waterpump bolts (They will be EXTREMELY fragile, especially if it have been leaking for a long period of time) not to scare you at all, but i broke 2 of them because of it (The lower bottom bolts will be the most fragile)

There are 4 hoses total connected to the water pump, the upper and lower radiator hoses, and the input and output heater core hoses, make sure you disconnect those and put them back on in the right order when you reinstall everything again.

The next step is to make sure you scrape off the old gasket so you get a good, clean seal, when you put new the new gasket and gasket seal on.

At this point, I would definatly recommend a new thermostat and housing, since its VERY easy to get to at this point, and unless you just changed it recently, its one less thing you will have to do some other time, when you least feel like it.

I chose to paint my new water pump, thermostat housing, and waterpump pulley before I put it all back together, it really made a big difference in the look of the front end of the engine, it only takes about a few mintues (Plus drying time). I'll let you decide if it's worth it with these pictures below. (Don't forget to clean and primer them first!)

To quote any Chiltons manual you will read "Installation is in reverse order" :P

Basically you just slap the water pump back on with gasket sealer on it, make sure all your waterpump bolts are tightened, put the bracket back on (Line up power steering and A/C onto the bracket) tighten the bracket down, put the water pump pulley back on the water pump, line up the holes as best you can, then grab the clutch fan and shroud, and slip them back into place and put the four fan bolts back into place, (Make sure to line up the fan shroud onto the two clips on the bottom of the radiator, and tighten the two bolts on the top) put the belt back on (Sorry, I don't have a picture of the routing of the belt for you) and then hook your coolant overflow hose back up.

After that, you can either flush out the radiator or if you changed your radiator with the waterpump, add a 50/50 mixture of anti-freeze, and use an antifreeze tester to verify your mixture, (Don't forget to fill the overflow bottle to "FULL COLD" also)

After that run the car with the radiator cap off and the heater on max, and let the car warmup until the thermostat opens (You will see the coolant start to bubble in the radiator and the upper radiator hose will get hot) check for leaks and coolant levels and then put the cap back on and take it for a drive, it may take a few times to "burp" all of the air out of the system (The overflow bottle pretty much does that for you though)

Hope this helps anyone out who need it! this is just a rough draft form of this article, so please bear with me while I reread and edit it a few times.

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