Water Pump Install Part One

Water Pump Install

Removal of the water pump is fairly simple, requires a decent Standard/Metric 6pt and 12pt socket set, and a few other basic hand tools.

*Helpful Tip* Keep track of all of your bolts, there is nothing worse then loosing a bolt or not knowing which one goes where.

1st off, you want to make sure you drain all of your coolant from the radiator, make sure you do it after it's had a chance to cool down, and also take off the radiator cap so air can flow thru to help the coolant drain.

After all of your coolant is drained, you will need to remove the fan shroud bolts (Unless your lucky and have an electric fan), their are two bolts on the top that screw into the top radiator support, also, make sure you disconnect your overflow bottle tube from the side of the radiator.

Ok, now the fan shroud should be sitting against the top fan blade, you now need to loosen (DON'T take the bolts out yet!) the 4 bolts that hold the clutch fan onto the water pump pulley (BEFORE taking the belt off, or you will have no resistance to hold the pulley into place)

*I believe the bolts are 7/16ths, but I'm not 100% sure.*

Alright, now that the fan is loosened, the next step is to remove the belt, this can be done VERY easily be inserting a 1/2" breaker bar, or any "cheater pipe", between the tensioner pulley and the tensioner pulley bracket as you push up or pull back to relieve tension on the belt and very carefully slip the belt off of any pulley and let the tensioner slowly back into place.

Ok, now that the belt is out of the way, you can take the 4 fan bolts out the rest of the way, once you get them all out, the clutch fan and fan shroud both come out at the same time, so pull the water pump pulley off of the water pump, and set it aside, then pull the fan shroud out along with the clutch fan, make sure to set the clutch fan vertical on the ground, or you can damage it.

Water Pump Install Part Two

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