Safety Equipment Summary

Safety Equipment Summary

The following is a list of required safety equipment if your going to drag race your car. This is included as a summary only. For complete rules see the links at bottom of page.

Remember: each section is additive, meaning that the equipment for the slower classes are required on the faster cars also.

Quarter Mile Time

Equipment Required

14.00 and slower

Helmet (snell 85 or better)
Radiator Overflow Catch Can
Seat Belt

12.00 - 13.99

Driveshaft Safety Loop
Roll Bar (Convertibles only)

11.00 - 11.99

Blowproof Bellhousing (SFI 6.1, 6.2)
Flywheel / Clutch (SFI 1.1, 1.2)
Protective Clothing
Roll Bar - 6 Point Minimum
Shoulder Harness Driver Restraint System w/ Crotch Strap (SFI 16.1)

10.00 - 10.99

Aftermarket Rear Axles (no C-clips)
Harmonic Balancer (SFI 18.1)
Roll Cage (Convertibles only)

9.99 and Faster

Auto Transmission Flexplate (SFI 29.1)
Auto Transmission Flexplate Shield (SFI 30.1)
Auto Transmission Shield (SFI 4.1)
Competition License
Master Cutoff Switch
Neck Collar
Roll Cage - 10 point minimum
Window Net
Parachute (>150 mph)

Helmet Ratings:"M" rating is certified for motorcycle use. Since most motorcycle wrecks incur one main impact (supposedly), these helmets only need to protect during one impact. Snell or "SA" ratings are for automotive motorsports, since auto wrecks can incur multiple impacts (rolling over and over for example). For this reason, the SA rating is more stringent. The date after the rating, "85," "00," etc. refers to the certification year, issued every five years. Since helmets age, sanctioning bodies eventually phase out older helmets. The main difference between an SA00 and a SA95 rated helmet, as I understand it, is that nomex lining is now required for SA certification. Prior to 2000 it was just a recommended option.

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