Back in May of 97, after all the long hours spent researching what I should do to my car, I decided on getting a S-Trim for myself. Shopping around, I got my set and had it installed at Frank's Performance Center in Riveredge, NJ.

Here are some stuff that I noticed about the S-Trim:

  • Before you put a S/C on, check the pressure reading on your cylinders, you won't like excessive blow-by, after you spent a lot on the S/C.
  • Timing: Be conservative in the beginning, start with 8 degrees intial, and work up.
  • Plugs: I range colder plugs, start with a gap of .035 (work upwards). I had the stock gap initially and the boost surely blew them out.... Not fun at all and dangerous.
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge: Get a real good set, visible from the cockpit. I initially had an electrical unit by V**, and the sender unit got busted and was leaking fuel like crazy on the freeway. Good thing that it didn't catch fire. Need this fuel pressure information for fine tuning.
  • Ignition: Although, the stock ignition will work, can't go wrong with a unit like MSD-6AL. The Vortech timing retard will work fine with it.
  • Heat: Under hood heat will increase with the S-Trim, although I haven't had the need for a new radiator as of yet, but it will be nice to have the fan running all the time. Cooler the better!
  • Gas: Don't go cheap on GAS! You've spent so much on the S/C, so why not spent a few bucks more everytime you fill your gas tank... Detonation is not fun at all. Use premium fuel all the time!
  • Crank Case Pressure: What I noticed is that the dip stick keeps on rising.... (spell blow-by), and putting on a breather cap instead of the regular oil fill cap will help.
  • Exhaust: Pumping forced air in.... no where to exit!! At least get a 2 1/2" catback, prefarably 1 5/8 headers and high flow cats! Please use CATS!
  • SN95 Kit comes with an elbow for the blower inlet. If you take a good look at it, it is pinched quite severly just where it bends 90 degrees. I've put LaRocca's Blower Pipe, or you can create one yourself. The key is, get rid of the pinch!

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  • Not just for the looks, but Autometer Gauges are really quality items. I have the 2 1/16" Phantom Series, Boost/Vacuum, Water Temp., and Electrical Fuel Pressure.

  • FRPP RPM Extender is a piggy back module that connects to your stock EEC.

  • You have probably noticed some wires and a plug hanging loose by now. You can either find a way to make the neutral safety switch work, or you can do what I did.

  • If you like the chip, FRPP EPEC is the next step for you. It is a programmable computer which is designed to work with the EEC or as a stand alone unit.