Removal / Installation of 99 Cobra Intake

99 Cobra Intake

I had my 99 Cobra intake hand ported in California. Since I live in New Jersey, I had to remove the intake so I could box it up and ship it out. It is a fairly easy job to do and will give u great pride as you can feel as if you did some serious engine work. There are some parts of the removal and installation during which a friend would help, but it can be done alone with no problems. Here are the tools needed to do the job.


  • Flat head screw driver
  • 8mm socket
  • 10mm socket
  • 10mm open ended wrench
  • 15mm deep socket
  • Some short and medium length extensions
  • Some large locking pliers
  • Torque wrench(not needed but recommended)
  • Some vaseline
  • Large adjustable wrench
  • 7 mm open ended wrench
  • 1/2 in deep socket


  1. Disconnect battery. This will reset your computer.
  2. Remove the black intake tube from the throttle body. Using the flat head screw driver undo the hose clamp holding the tube to the throttle body.
  3. Undo the throttle cable and return spring. Then remove the black plastic holder that keeps the cables from moving around. There will also be a black plastic tube that attaches to one of the upper lid bolts. Just pull up on it and it will pop off. You will need the 8 mm socket to remove the holder.
  4. Remove the egr tube. This is the tube on the top of the lid, on the drivers side towards the back. it will have a black top and most likely be rusted. U will need to use a large adjustable wrench for this. I could not fit a 22mm open ended wrench around it. It takes a bit of elbow grease but it will come off. Then remove the little tube connecting to the top of the egr.
  5. Disconnect the vaccum tube infront of the egr, all the electrical connections and hoses. There is the tps connector which must be removed. It is behind the tb and just under it is another hose which needs to be removed.
  6. When all the hoses and connectors are off, start unbolting the intake. Start with the long bolt by the throttle body, then do the back two bolts(drivers side first), go to the front two, then do the middle one, across from the throttle body.
  7. Remove two bolts on the very back of the intake that hold a plastic piece. You will need to use the 7 mm open ended wrench for this.
  8. Pull the lid and the gasket. It should lift right off.
  9. Now, using the large locking pliers, compress the clamps holding the coolant hoses to the black coolant tube. Once these have been slid down, remove the hoses. It is definitely a good idea to have a bucket ready as coolant will go everywhere. Disconnect the electrical connector on the drivers side of the coolant tube.
  10. Use a 1/2 deep socket to remove the bolts holding the tube onto the intake. Once this is off, just wiggle the tube out of the block. It will come eventually. Once this is out, stuff towels or cover the holes with tape to keep stuff outta there.
  11. Undo the four bolts that hold the fuel rail on with the 10mm open ended. Then gently wiggle the injectors out of the bosses. It will take a bit of effort as the o-rings will be dry. If your dumb like me, u managed to get a injector to come off the rail. NO biggie. Just make sure the blue o-ring is still on the injector, lube it with vaseline and pop it back in there. Do NOT disconnect the rail from the line.
  12. Now you can start unbolting the lower intake. If u see oil on the intake, don’t freak out, this is normal. Using the 10mm socket and some extensions, start unbolting the intake. Start at the back, then do the front, then the 2nd ones from the back, then the second ones from the front and so on. The bolts all the way on the front will require a long extension 15mm socket. Once you have removed all of these bolts u can lift the intake out.
  13. Since there is not a lot of room to work around there, u will need to tilt the intake to get it out. Lift the front straight up first, then slide the back forward, and continue to finagle the intake out of there. It will take a bit of enginuity and some scraping of the alternator but it will come out.
  14. Once it is out, examine the gaskets and if they are extend over the edge of the ports, use a dremel or exacto knife to trim them. Do not trim them while on the car, u don’t want anything to fall into the port. REMEMBER TO COVER THE PORTS SO NOTHING FALLS IN THEM.


The installation of the intake is fairly straightforward and consists of doing the removal just in reverse. Remember to remove the towels in the ports. The only tips are to torque the bolts to 10-15 lb ft, and to oil the gaskets and o-rings on the injector. Since u have removed a lot of coolant, u must refill it. ONLY REFILL THE COOLANT WHEN THE CAR IS RUNNING. Otherwise air pockets may form, and fry your water pump. Remember to reconnect all electrical connectors, throttle cables and return springs, and vacumn and other hoses. When everything is done. Use the screwdriver and a paper towel to get air out of the fuel rail. This is done by turning the key to the most forward position before start. All the dash lights will light up momentarily. By depressing the schrader valve at the front of the pass. side fuel rail, the air will be expelled. Do this, then turn the key off, then on again, and do the whole procedure again. Two times is enough. Then start the car and check for leaks from the injectors, and fill the coolant as fast as possible. Other than that, its easy. Should take no more than 2 hours for removal and 1.5 for install, your first time.

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