Ray Leedy's Featured 1969 Mustang Mach I

Ray Leedy Featured 1969  Mustang Mach I

Name: Ray Leedy

Location: Maryville, Tennessee

Comments: 69 Mach 1 Mustang

Factory Options: "R" Code 428 Super CobraJet eng, factory Shaker Ram air induction, rare automatic transmission, 3.91:1 ford rear end, factory Drag Pack. Has hardened seals for unleaded gas. Car is excellent and just needs a little TLC to be great. Very Fast.

Color: Lime Gold w/ Black Deluxe Int

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  • For 1971, Ford completed its fourth Mustang redesign, creating a bigger car. It had the basic Mustang look, with a longer wheelbase, stretched length, more width, wider front and rear track and heavier curb weight. A raked windshield, bulging front fenders and aerodynamic enhancements were evident.

  • Name: Derrick

  • Born: 3/07/02

    Adopted: 5/06/02

    Style: GT, Coupe

  • 1970 Mustangs were mildly restyled. Headlight configuration reverted to a single seven-inch lamp on each side, this time inside the grille opening, Simulated scoops took the place of the outside headlights. The rear taillight panel was flat rather than concave and the taillights are recessed.

  • While maintaining a basic resemblance to previous Mustangs, the 1971 Mustangs were the largest and heaviest yet. Every dimension increased; Wheelbase was stretched to 109 inches.

    Engine choice still remained high; a total of ten different engines were available on the 1971 Mastang.

    Base engine was the 250 ci six-cylinder on all models except the Mach 1 which came with the 210 hp 302 and the Boss 351 which got a 330 hp version of the 351.