Oil Drain Location and Information

Oil Drain Location and Information
  1. Drain fittings in pan. The sketch in the corner of Diagram 6 is almost dead accurate regarding the number of holes and their position. The only variation is the position of the second hole. It is actually slightly closer to the corner than shown. It is essential that the fittings be installed as shown.
  2. Moulded drain hoses. The end trimming of these varies slightly. Shorten the straight section (if necessary) which pushes over the drain tube on the turbo. the first 90º bend in the moulded hose should commence immediately at the end of the tube.
  3. Engine mounts. The 87 prefix mounts must be used (or Moroso solid mounts, which Jake Lamotta assures me are streetable, if the rubber gearbox mount is retained).
  4. Engine position. Guys, this is truly critical. The engine can and must be positioned as follows: a) 3/8" clearance at each of the following three positions. The frame rail notch, proportioning valve heat shield and steering shaft. When the engine is high enough on the RHS, the moulded drain hose will sit on the K member surface, unkinked. b) However, after you have done this correctly, an unrelated problem may occur. With the stock OEM pipe, you will still have sufficient clearance at the rear crossmember. With aftermarket H pipes though, especially 2 1/2" or 3", you may not. The H pipe must be mofidifed, not the engine position compromised. If this is done correctly, the K member requires no modification and the drain flows as designed.

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