Mustang Side Exit Exhaust Installation ('94-'98)

Mustang Side Exit Exhaust Installation ('94-'98) Remove Christmas tree fasteners along bottom of rockers. With a plastic hammer pushing them out from the rear, remove two Phillips head screws in wheel well openings.

Remove Stock Side Rocker Moldings:

Remove Christmas tree fasteners along bottom of rockers. With a plastic hammer pushing them out from the rear, remove two Phillips head screws in wheel well openings. The upper section is held with a very aggressive clip, you will have to get a good grip and pull firmly away from the vehicle. Some clips will stay with the moldings, some will stay with the car. Remove all clips from car body.

Check Fit of Classic Side Exhaust Rockers to the Body:

Make sure two screw holes in wheel opening line up and covers fit flush against the body.

Paint Classic Exhaust Rockers:

Prime, block sand and paint to match your car.

Remove Stock Exhaust:

Unbolt you stock exhaust form the "H" pipe. Unbolt the rear tail pipe hanger from the bosy and slide muffler hanger out of the rubber grommet. Holding muffler and hanger together, and leaving hanger and grommet on the vehicle. You will not be able to clear tailpipe over rear axle (unless you are putting springs on at the same time.) You will have to cut the tailpipe over the rear axle, there is a welded connection there already, and you can cut with a sawsall then remove from car.

Hang New Exhaust:

By sliding muffler hanger through rubber grommet on the vehicle, hook up mufflers to "H" pipe. Adjust mufflers so there is clearance between the pipes and floor pan then tighten at "H" pipe. Slide muffler clamps over pipe and loosely install the side exhaust tips. Loosely install side exhaust brackets to body. Do not tighten yet

Install Classic Rocker Covers:

First, wipe rocker area with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), this is very important for the adhesion of the acrylic tape. Line up rocker covers to body and screw holes in wheel well, then push into place. Install screws. Line up exhaust tips, to center inside opening of exhaust rockers, (edge of tips should be flush with opening.) Then tighten muffler clamp and side exit hanger.

Install Lower Brackets:

Using the Christmas tree fasteners you removed, install the brackets 1,2,3,3,3 on each side. Starting from the front being #1, push fastener through original hole in vehicle rocker and bracket, this bracket will hold the bottom of the cover straight along the bottom. Drill rivet bracket into place.

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  • Remove Stock Side Rocker Moldings:

    1. Remove plastic strip along top of rocker. Access by opening door.
    2. Remove Christmas tree fasteners along bottom of rockers at pinch weld, save for re-use.
    3. Remove screws form end of rockers one in each well opening. Top edge of rockers between front wheel opening and door and rear wheel opening and door is held on with aggressive clips, you will have to get a good grip and pull upward and out from vehicle. Remove all clips from car body.

    Check fit of Classic Exhaust Rockers to the Body.

    Make sure two screw holes in wheel openings and holes for plastic securing strip in door opening, line up with holes in the body.
    Fit front and rear spatz to car, using stock screw in wheel opening.

  • Mustang Light Bar

  • Contents of Box:

    • Aero Shield, Molded Urethane, 27" x 66".
    • Installation Instructions.

    Installation Steps:

    1. Paint Aero Shield with flexible paint of the same type used for Mustang bumper covers & Classic Side Pipe Covers. [The Aero Shield can be effectively integrated if it is two-toned to match the rear bumper insert. Consider low gloss black, like the GT series, for light colors, or light argent (silver) for dark colors.]
    2. Your fuel gauge should read 1/8 or less. Gas is heavy; a light tank makes for an easier installation.
    3. Raise car. The Aero Shield can be installed on a driveway apron, jack stands are better, a hoist is best.
    4. Remove the two rear wheel/tire assemblies.
    5. Remove the black vacuum formed plastic tub from under the fuel tank:
  • Installation Instructions for Classic Speedster Tonneau

    Tools Needed:

    1. Razor Blade
    2. 9/16" Wrench
    3. 9116" Socket
    1. Open Trunk.
    2. Remove four (4) "Christmas Tree" pushpins that hold plastic trim panel at striker plate and remove plastic trim.
    3. Remove two (2) plastic speed nuts (phillips head) one per side, directly behind each taillight in trunk. Remove trunk panel.
    4. Remove four (4) nuts per taillight housing (11 mm).
    5. Unplug wiring harness (one connection per light).
    6. Push grommets (one per light) with wiring harness through the sheet metal from inside to outside of trunk.
    7. Remove taillight housings from vehicle.
    8. With taillights on bench, remove bulbs and sockets from lights and remove harnesses completely.
    9. Install bulbs in modified harnesses (make sure to wipe bulbs with isopropyl alcohol to avoid bulb burnout from hand grease).
    10. Connect backup light bulbs and sockets to the lamp bodies first, then connect bulbs/sockets marked 1, then 2, and then J.
  • Vehicles Equipped with Stock Fog Lamps:

    1. Remove the stock fog lamp assembly from fascia, save stock bolts for reuse.
  • Well you've finally reached the point where it's time for that larger fuel pump. Don't worry the install is not all that bad. Actually it's rather simple.