Mustang II Vehicle Specifications

Mustang II Vehicle Specifications


Coupe and Hatchback (both 4 passenger in 2+2 arrangement).


Mach I (hatchback), Ghia (coupe), Hatchback, and Coupe.
Note: Cobra II and King Cobra DID NOT receive unique VIN designations.

Engine Choices:

2.3L (140 OHC L4 - HP: 88@4800rpm, Torque: 118 (1978).
2.8L (171 OHV V6 - HP: 89@4200rpm, Torque: 143 (1978).
5.0L (302 OHV V8 - HP: 139@3600rpm, Torque: 248 (1978).

Transmission Choices:

3 speed automatic: C3 or C4 with smaller bellhousing for the Mustang II transmission tunnel.
4 speed manual: with internal rod shifter, German made, specific to the Mustang II, i.e. the Pinto trans DOES NOT fit.
4 speed manual: with internal rod shifter, specific to the German made V6.


Rack and Pinion (power optional).


Front disc and rear drum brakes (all models) (power optional).

Front Suspension:

Unequal length A arms on full width suspension carrier.

Note for Mustang II customizers: Hot-Rodders often use the Mustang II front suspension assembly to replace old solid axle setups, so many custom tubular A arms and shock combinations are available. The Mustang II spindles use the same bearings as the Granada so its 11" discs can be swapped with a custom caliper bracket. Check Hot-Rodder or Street-Rodder magazines for sources.

Rear Suspension:

Semi-eliptic leaf-springs.


Eight inch like '64-'73, or 6.75 inch Pinto rear.
Full range of ratios from 2.79:1 to 3.50:1.
Available Detroit Locker and Traction-Loc limited slip.

Note for Mustang II customizers: Rear disc brakes are available for Ford 8" rear ends.

Major Options:

Power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, cruise control, T-tops, sunroof, handling package, stereo radio with 8 track, intermittant wipers.

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