Mike Arseneault's 1985 Mustang HB GT Fastback Data Sheet

Mike Arseneault's 1985 Mustang HB GT Fastback Data Sheet

Born: 1985

Adopted: 1996

Style: GT, Fastback

Factory Options: Sun roof, A/C, cruise control, premium sound, 5-speed, 4V H.O. engine, limited slip rear diff..

Color: Rangoon Red.

Modifications: Bored .30, forged pistons, chromoly rings, windage tray, Comp Cam,351windsor heads, Holley intake, 4-point roll cage, rear mounted battery, 5 point harness, 8.8 rear diff with 3.73's, manual tranny out of a 4 cylinder stang, MSD rev limiter.

Future Mods: Edelbrock intake(RPM Air gap),650 Holley.

Parent(S): Mike/Tasha Arseneault

Location: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Comments: The car is a daily driver in the summer months that sees weekend racing at the local track. She also sees many car shows in the run of a summer. The power plant produces 270hp at the wheels and 293 foot pounds of torque. Best 1/4 time is a 12.7 @ 107mph with 10" slicks and 12.8 @105mph on street radials. Both threw the full exhaust (tail pipes included).

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