MAF Conversion

MAF Conversion

This article will adress on how to install a Mass Air system in a speed density equiped mustang. All mustangs from 86 - 88 were equiped with speed density engine managment with the exception of california models. Mass air alow more extreme engine modifications than speed density will allow.

To make this swap you will need:

  • A ECA or EEC processor from 89-93 mustang. These are available from the aftermarket as well as from junkyards & ford. It is best to use a proccessor that is compatible with your mustang in terms of wheather or not they are made for automatic or manual equiped mustang.
  • A MAF harness again available through many sources outlined above.
  • Mass air flow sensor.. very important .. it MUST be calibrated to the injector size you ar using.
  • A soldering Iron , solder ,& flux.
  • Electrical tape, or shink wrap sleeving
  • Basic wrench & screw driver set
  • Large Clamps (dryer vents).

To start off disconnect the positive & negative side of your battery. Move to the inside of the vehicle on the passenger side. In the foot well you will need to remove the kick panel, & a piece of plastic & some insultion that is behind it. After these items are removed you will have access to the EEC. It is held in a plastic bracket against the body. The bracket is retained by one bolt wich is 8 mm in size, after this is removed the EEC should be pulled down & out. Once it is out there is a single bolt (13mm) the secures the harness cover to the EEC. Remove it, & use a small flat blade to pop off the 4 small clips.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
The ford EEC 60 pin connector looks like this the B represents the bolt:

1 x x x x x x x x 10 BB 11 x x x x x x x x20
21 x x x x x x x x 30 BB 31 x x x x x x x x 40
41 x x x x x x x x 50 BB 51 x x x x x x x x 60
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

The You will now need to get the new wires through the fire wall. The easiest way to do this is to cut the grommet on the passengerside of the engine compartment.Once the grommet has been located & trimmed , tape the wires to a screwdriver & force them through the cut you made in the grommet. Feed them through & attach them as follows:

Mass air wiring harness:

  • Red (main power) = SPLICE into pin 37 OR 57
  • Black (ground) = SPLICE into pin 40 OR 60
  • Brown (Sig. Grnd) = Insert wire into pin 9
  • Blue (signal) = Insert wire into pin 50


This wire must be added: Run a jumper wire from pin 19 to the Pink/Black wire to the fuel pump relay switch under the drivers seat. This is the fuel pump monitering wire.

Additional notes:

  • Pin 51 must be moved to pin 38
  • Pin 11 must be moved to pin 32


All connection should be soldered & covered with electical tape or shrink wrap.

You can cut the stock speed density intake hose to work with your new MAF meter just be sure to measure twice & cut once. Clamp the hoses & double check for vacumme leaks.

Re install the EEC reconnect the battery & start it up. Congratulations you have just install your MAF system.

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