How to Install LX Tail Lights

How to install LX tail lights

One of the oldest appearance mods for fox body stangs is to install a set of LX tail lights. From the factory the 87-93 Mustang GT's came with tail lights that many people call "cheese grater style" because of their appearance. Installing a set of LX (or 93 cobra/SVO) tail lights give the rear end of your stang a cleaner look. If you're wondering how to install them, here ya go. Its pretty easy, and takes no time at all.

  1. The first step to installing your new tail lights is to take your interior panels off so you have access to the light bulbs and the nuts that hold the tail lights on. On our 'Stang we only had to remove a few screws and the panels pulled right off.
  2. Next you'll have to remove the light bulbs from the tail light housing by twisting them out. Then to get the old lenses off you'll have to remove the 6 (per lens) 11mm nuts that hold them on.
  3. The old tail lights should pull right off, but a little gentle prying may be needed.
  4. If you're installing used lights you may want to use just a little rtv silicone glue around all of the mounting bolts and gaskets so you get a good seal. Then all you have to do is put them on and tighten the nuts down.
  5. Now its time to re-install the light bulbs themselves. Before you do so you'll need to get two orange/amber bulbs to install in the middle light sockets so you have an amber light for your turn signals. The bulbs we bought are # 1156na. Obviously the last thing you will have to do re-install the interior panels.

That's all there is to it! If you want to be a little different you could try getting 93 cobra tail lights, or maybe even Capri tail lights.

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    1. Open Trunk.
    2. Remove four (4) "Christmas Tree" pushpins that hold plastic trim panel at striker plate and remove plastic trim.
    3. Remove two (2) plastic speed nuts (phillips head) one per side, directly behind each taillight in trunk. Remove trunk panel.
    4. Remove four (4) nuts per taillight housing (11 mm).
    5. Unplug wiring harness (one connection per light).
    6. Push grommets (one per light) with wiring harness through the sheet metal from inside to outside of trunk.
    7. Remove taillight housings from vehicle.
    8. With taillights on bench, remove bulbs and sockets from lights and remove harnesses completely.
    9. Install bulbs in modified harnesses (make sure to wipe bulbs with isopropyl alcohol to avoid bulb burnout from hand grease).
    10. Connect backup light bulbs and sockets to the lamp bodies first, then connect bulbs/sockets marked 1, then 2, and then J.
  • Classic design light bar for late-model mustang convertibles adds a touch of shelby style.

  • Although this may seem very basic to many people, some people don't even know the easy way to check fuses. I've seen people suffer through the big pain of taking each and every fuse out one at a time to see if any of them are burnt. There's a lot easier way of checking fuses without taking them out.

    Ever notice that fuses have two small metal "tabs" on top of them? Those "tabs" or prongs are for checking them with a tester. You can buy a specific tester for this task but an ordinary 12V tester will work.

  • Vehicles Equipped with Stock Fog Lamps:

    1. Remove the stock fog lamp assembly from fascia, save stock bolts for reuse.
  • Remove Stock Side Rocker Moldings:

    1. Remove plastic strip along top of rocker. Access by opening door.
    2. Remove Christmas tree fasteners along bottom of rockers at pinch weld, save for re-use.
    3. Remove screws form end of rockers one in each well opening. Top edge of rockers between front wheel opening and door and rear wheel opening and door is held on with aggressive clips, you will have to get a good grip and pull upward and out from vehicle. Remove all clips from car body.

    Check fit of Classic Exhaust Rockers to the Body.

    Make sure two screw holes in wheel openings and holes for plastic securing strip in door opening, line up with holes in the body.
    Fit front and rear spatz to car, using stock screw in wheel opening.

  • Camaro / Firebird / Trans Am Light Bar Installation Instructions:

    1. Lower convertible top.
    2. Remove seat buns (2) 13mm bolt.
  • Remove Stock Side Rocker Moldings: