Header selection is matter of preference, since most major manufactures' headers seem to perform quite well. My selection was, MAC 1 5/8" Equal Shorties, and to this date, I should have opted for Un-Equals or from other source, I hear that Hooker Equal Shorties are very nice.

The problem with these equal shorties, is that the plug wires, especially the #3 and #7 kind of like to burn.... For all of you with this similar problems, especially the #3 wire, I recommend using Accel 300+ wires. It comes with a long distributor wire, where you can use this for the #3 wire. The boot is not the regular 45 degree one, instead a smaller 90 boot. I have had nice results with these!

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  • Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. So what, exactly, are you getting when you plunk down $20.00 for a cheap set of wires? You’re getting a headache, that’s what. Actually what you’re getting is a very cheap set of carbon string wires that probably produce OHMS resistance near the 10,000 mark. What this means to you is that you’re not only taking away from the peak performance of your automobile, you’re also ensuring a wire replacement the next time you change out your spark plugs.

  • What can I say? Dan's GT does it all, and more. He drives it to and from work a few days and even drives it to the track on the weekends. Best of all, it has run a best of 10.87@123 MPH. In the summer of 98 Dan split the stock block and grenaded the stock AOD tranny. He rebuilt the motor and had the tranny fixed by a local shop, but ever since the car hasn't been the same. So its going back to the place who built it the first time. After that, and with a bigger supercharger Dan expects his red rocket to go even quicker. Low tens, maybe even high nines.


    • 14 GAUGE WIRE
  • Introduction:

  • First things first. You'll need a few things: a timing light, a distributor wrench or a ratchet and socket that will fit the distributor hold down bolt, and a little know how.

  • A fuel cutoff switch can be a security device both in the sense of saftety and a theft deterant. When done properly no one will even know it exists except you.

    • Unplug the negative battery terminal THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
    • Disconnect your starter from your bellhousing.