Ford 86-95 Fuel Injected Mustang 5-speed Factory Specs

Ford 86-95 Fuel Injected Mustang 5-speed Factory Specs

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c/o = carry over

Year 1986 1987-88 1989-93 1993 Cobra 1994-95
Output - SAE net Horsepower

200 hp @ 4000 rpm 225 hp @ 4000 rpm c/o (89-92)

205 hp @ 4200 rpm (93)
245 hp @ 5000 rpm 215 hp @ 4200 rpm
285 ft-lb @ 3000 rpm 285 ft-lb @ 3000 rpm 300 ft-lb @ 3200 rpm (89-92)

280 ft-lb @ 3400 rpm (93)
290 ft-lb @ 4000 rpm 285 ft-lb @ 3400 rpm
Induction System
Fuel Management

Air Intake

Fuel Pump (pressure)

Single Throttle Body, 58mm bore, 540 cfm,
sequential electronic fuel injection, 19 lb-hr injectors, Tuned Length
Aluminum intake manifold, EEC-IV engine control
Throttle body bore increased from 58mm to 60mm;
Throttle shaft needle bearings replaced with ball bearings

1988 California Only - Mass Airflow Sensor
c/o Fuel Control, Mass Airflow Sensor 65mm Throttle body,

FFRP Cobra intake
60mm throttle body,

revised intake to clear hood similar to T-bird intake
Remote low-restriction air cleaner c/o c/o c/o c/o
Electric In-tank Pump, 39 psi c/o c/o c/o c/o




Duration - Int/Exh

Valve Lift - Int./Exh. (1.6 rocker arm ratio)


Firing Order

E5ZE-6250-AA c/o E8ZE-6250-CA (88-90)

F1ZE-6250-AA (91-93)
F3ZE-6250-CA F1ZE-6250-AA (94)

F4ZE-6250-DA (95)
Steel cam, roller lift Steel cam, roller lift Steel cam, roller lift Steel cam, roller lift
17°/69°/0.278 20°/76°/0.278 19°/71°/0.282 20°/76°/0.278
67°/19°/0.278 67°/19°/0.278 75.5°/14.5°/0.282 67°/19°/0.278
266°/266° 276°/266° 270°/270° 276°/266°
0.444"/0.444" 0.444"/0.444" 0.479"/0.479"

with 1.7 rocker arm ratio
36° 39° 33.5° 39°
13726548 c/o c/o c/o
Camshaft Drive Roller Chain c/o c/o c/o c/o
Piston E6ZE-6110-BA

(9.2:1 cr) forged, ring thickness and ring tension reduced; 30% on upper
comp. ring & 35% on oil control ring

(9.0:1 cr) forged, 0.030 dish & eyebrows, c/o rings

90- change to moly rings

93- change to hypereutectic pistons (9.0:1 cr)
c/o c/o
Cylinder Head E6AE-6049-AA

common with 5.0L passenger car

common with 5.0L truck
c/o F3ZE-6049-AA

Water Pump (aluminum) E6AE-8501-CA

Pump efficiency improved. New 3.5" impeller and housing with exit scroll
c/o c/o c/o c/o
Ignition Specs -

Spark Plug

Initial Timing

Centrifugal Advance

Vacuum Advance

Ignition Coil
AWSF-44 ASF-42 c/o c/o c/o
0.050" 0.052"-0.056"
10°BTC 10°BTC
Spark advance controlled by EEC-IV computer c/o
Spark advance controlled by EEC-IV computer c/o
E core 38 kV output voltage 40 millijoules output energy 90 millijoules output energy c/o c/o
Cylinder Block E6SE-6010-DC

increased bore wall and deck material thickness. Siamesed bores in water
jackets (126 lbs.)
c/o c/o c/o c/o
Exhaust - Exhaust Manifold

Manifold Gasket

Exhaust Inlet Pipe

Muffler / Tailpipe
Stainless Steel Tubular c/o c/o c/o c/o
E4ZE-9448-AA c/o
"H" pipe

2.25" inlet, 2.25" outlet

Dual Inline Catalyst
Dual Exhaust (total system)

2.25" tube diameter

turned down tips - GT
Crankshaft E1AE-6303-AA c/o c/o c/o c/o


50 oz-in.
c/o c/o c/o c/o


32 oz-in.
c/o c/o c/o c/o

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    Year 1979 1982 1983 1984 1985
    Output - SAE net Horsepower


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