Classic Light Bar for Mustang Installation

Classic Light Bar for Mustang Installation

Mustang Light Bar

  1. Remove back seat. The lower seat cushion is held by a spring loaded retainer. It is released by locating retainer approximately 10 inches from the edge of the cushion on either side. Take a flat screwdriver and push the side of the retainer. The seat should pop up and be released.
  2. The back seat cushion is held by two 10mm screws, located on each lower corner. Remove screws and slide seat upward releasing cushion from bracket at the top.
  3. Remove side quarter trim panels by removing three christmas tree retainers located two at the rear of panel and one at lower front, then remove phillips head push in retainer in convertible well at back of the edge of the trim panel. Remove the push in buttons holding weather-strip at front of panel. You must also remove upper speaker grille (or dummy cover) by gently prying around edge with a flat screwdriver. It is held on by clips slide trim "t" strip upward to remove. Remove rocker sill covers by prying from the inside with screwdriver and pulling upward. Pull on front of trim panel to loosen from car. With a "torx" socket remove seat belt retractor. Slide retractor through the trim panel and remove trim panels from vehicle.
  4. To move the speakers out of the way. Remove two torx screws from speaker mounts (one in the door jam and one at the top), lay speakers out of the way.
  5. Loosen inner quarter covers pull plastic quarter covers loose from vehicle by prying with a putty knife. They are held by double stick tape.
  6. Locate and mount light bar brackets. Using brackets as templates which are marked "l" leff and "r" right. Use the "r" on the leff side as a template only and the "l" on the right side as a template only. Line up the small 1/8 inch hole with the small hole on the car. (the Hole is not used on a car with mach 460 stereo system and is used with the standard stereo for mounting speaker bracket). Use an awl for lining up the holes, line up the brackets to run parallel with the edge of the -b- pillar, hold in place and center punch through nuts on bracket. Drill center punched marks with a small 1/8 inch drill bit, then redrill holes with a 7/16 or larger drill bit, this will keep your hole centered. Mount your brackets behind "b" pillar by reaching bracket through plastic quarter covers lining small hole through "b" pillar into hole in bracket with pop rivet provided, then rivet into place. The holes you drilled should line up with bracket. Restick quarter cover into place, remount speakers. Cars with standard stereo, you will need to trim speaker mount from obstructing light bar bracket hole.
  7. Lay out holes in trim panel with a putty knife you must scrape off the upper mounting clip. Using template provided, carefully layout template and tape in place starting with the drivers side, then with and 1/8 inch drill bit drill center of holes. Marked on template you can now layout passenger side, drilling through holes in template.
  8. Drill trim panel holes with an 1 3/4 inch holesaw drill the 1/8 inch hole on top side of the trim panel. The two holes should intersect. After drilling, file the center making the hole a long oval. Now with a i inch holesaw drill from the backside the two 1/8 inch holes in front of the trim panel.
  9. Reinstall trim panels reinstall both trim panels by reversing step 2. Don't forget the seat belts.
  10. Placement of classic light bar take classic light bar out of plastic and line up with top holes in trim panel. Guide your brake light wire through trim panel. Evenly lower classic light bar into holes. You may have to ask for assistance and push the bar inward while lowering.
  11. Bolting the classic light bar using bolts provided, line up classic light bar with nuts bracket. You may have to push or pull bar to line up. Leaving bolts loose put all four bolts in, then push bar down so base of bar is flush with trim panel and tighten bolts.
  12. Bolt covers there are four caps provided, push them into holes in trim panel, covering bolts.
  13. Connecting the brake light run the brake light wire into trunk by drivers side trunk hinge. There is a batch of wire going behind trunk trim covers. You may want to loosen trim covers to make wires accessible and find a black and red wire with green stripes. Use the inline scotch wire taps. Tap both wires and size wire from light bar and crimp wire ends on. Plug into wire taps. Test brake light by depressing brake pedal. If light does not work reverse your connections.
  14. Reassemble trunk hiding wire.
  15. Reinstall your back seat by reversing step one. We hope you enjoy motoring with your new classic light bar! The classic light bar is not intended to protect in case of a rollover.

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    1. Open Trunk.
    2. Remove four (4) "Christmas Tree" pushpins that hold plastic trim panel at striker plate and remove plastic trim.
    3. Remove two (2) plastic speed nuts (phillips head) one per side, directly behind each taillight in trunk. Remove trunk panel.
    4. Remove four (4) nuts per taillight housing (11 mm).
    5. Unplug wiring harness (one connection per light).
    6. Push grommets (one per light) with wiring harness through the sheet metal from inside to outside of trunk.
    7. Remove taillight housings from vehicle.
    8. With taillights on bench, remove bulbs and sockets from lights and remove harnesses completely.
    9. Install bulbs in modified harnesses (make sure to wipe bulbs with isopropyl alcohol to avoid bulb burnout from hand grease).
    10. Connect backup light bulbs and sockets to the lamp bodies first, then connect bulbs/sockets marked 1, then 2, and then J.
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    3. 9116" Socket
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