Classic Aero Shield Installation Instructions

Classic Aero Shield Installation Instructions

Contents of Box:

  • Aero Shield, Molded Urethane, 27" x 66".
  • Installation Instructions.

Installation Steps:

  1. Paint Aero Shield with flexible paint of the same type used for Mustang bumper covers & Classic Side Pipe Covers. [The Aero Shield can be effectively integrated if it is two-toned to match the rear bumper insert. Consider low gloss black, like the GT series, for light colors, or light argent (silver) for dark colors.]
  2. Your fuel gauge should read 1/8 or less. Gas is heavy; a light tank makes for an easier installation.
  3. Raise car. The Aero Shield can be installed on a driveway apron, jack stands are better, a hoist is best.
  4. Remove the two rear wheel/tire assemblies.
  5. Remove the black vacuum formed plastic tub from under the fuel tank:
  6. Using a pair of pliers, bend the outboard forward corners of the fuel tank flange about 1/2" to the rear. One corner will go up, the other will go down.
  7. Remove the 4 bolts from the quad shock body attaching brackets. These bolts, 2 each side, will be used to retain the Aero, Shield to the body.
  8. Rotate the quad shock assemblies to a vertical position so they are out of the way.
  9. Remove the 4 screws that retain the bumper cover to their steel reinforcements, left and right, in the wheel openings. There are 2 screws on each side of the car. Save them for reattachment.
  10. Remove the 2 plastic "Christmas Tree" attachments and flexible fuel fill overflow bezel from the lower edge of the bumper cover. Save them for reattachment.
  11. Assemble the painted Aero Shield to the body:
  12. Reattach the 4 screws that retain the bumper cover to its steel reinforcements, left and right. Use the retaining clips to position the upstanding flange of the Aero Shield inside the bumper cover, if necessary.
  13. Reassemble the "Christmas Trees" & flexible overflow bezel to the bumper cover.
  14. Reassemble the two rear wheel/tire assemblies.
  15. Lower the car and go for a ride. Show off your new Classic Aero Shield to your friends.

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    3. Remove screws form end of rockers one in each well opening. Top edge of rockers between front wheel opening and door and rear wheel opening and door is held on with aggressive clips, you will have to get a good grip and pull upward and out from vehicle. Remove all clips from car body.

    Check fit of Classic Exhaust Rockers to the Body.

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  • Ever look closely at that clear plastic cover over your gauges? If you look close you'll notice that there are tons of very fine scratches on it, which dull its look. Have you ever gotten dash cleaner/polish on that plastic? I did, and the cleaner stained the plastic. No matter how much I scrubbed I couldn't get the stains off of the plastic.

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