Camaro - Firebird - Trans Am Light Bar Installation

Camaro - Firebird - Trans Am Light Bar Installation

Camaro / Firebird / Trans Am Light Bar Installation Instructions:

  1. Lower convertible top.
  2. Remove seat buns (2) 13mm bolt.
  3. Remove folding back seat. Remove lower corner pivot bolts, 13mm.
  4. Remove two screws i per side on threshold molding and pull back slightly.
  5. Remove trim panels; remove striker bolts t-45 torx, trim panel "hats", 2 phillips screws (i per side); trim panel light connection.
  6. Remove seat belt bolts (left, right, upper, and lower) 4 total.
  7. Lower light bar into vehicle. Brackets will line up to seat belt. Anchor points. Reuse factory seat belt bolts and tighten. Top brackets are mounted on top of the seat belt bracket. Lower brackets are mounted on top of the seat belt brackets. Tighten.
  8. Cut out template with scissors.
  9. Position templates on top of trim panels and mark notches (left and right accordingly) and trim.
  10. Lights in trim panels need to be rotated 180 degrees to give extra clearance for the light bar.
  11. Reinstall trim panels and trim panel "hats".
  12. Reinstall threshold moulding screws.
  13. Reinstall rear seat back. Be careful not to scratch trim panels when reinstalling, also remove seat belt guides to provide clearance for light bar.
  14. Reinstall seat buns (2).
  15. Feed 3rd brake light wire as follows: through trim panel, under convertible top, to trunk surround, where access to decklid 3rd light wires are. Left front corner of decklid surround. The wires will be split loom.
  16. Use light blue t-connectors to tap into decklid 3rd brake light. Test brake light. (+) Blue wire, (-) black wire. If it doesn't light up change wires to blue t-connectors. Light is polarized.

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