Autometer Gauges

Autometer Gauges

Not just for the looks, but Autometer Gauges are really quality items. I have the 2 1/16" Phantom Series, Boost/Vacuum, Water Temp., and Electrical Fuel Pressure. I have these three gauges mounted on the pillar and the triple gauges do look awesome (my point of view) and are viewable while driving.

The Elec. Fuel Pressure gauge is quite expensive, but is superb compared to the V** one that I had before. The needles move very accurately, with a gentle touch on the accelerator pedal.

For all forced induction group, I surely do recommend these gauges.

  • Fuel Pressure: Need this info for fine tuning. Very useful on the dyno, trying to tweak your combo. Remember to use Wide Band Oxygen Sensor while tuning on the dyno.
  • Water Temp: It is a piece of mind, rather than the factory gauge, cuz you will know how hot your engine is in degrees. Although, sometimes it tends to make you worry, like in a traffic jam??? LOL.
  • Boost/Vacuum: Nice to have one, cuz you'll see if your belt is slipping or you've got a vacuum leak. Not too useful otherwise.

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