AOD to C4 Swap Part Two

AOD to C4 Swap

Ok, it is time to put the c4 in.

Before going about this, make sure you have everything you need, when I did my swap I missed a lot of things, and ended up making the car sit for about 3 months until I got everything.

You are going to need to extend the transmission cooler lines, as one of them will not reach the furthest back hole on the c4. I used some rubber transmission oil lines, and some metal connectors and it is working fine, just make sure you double clamp all the ends of the rubber hosing to be safe.

With my shifter(Hurst quarterstick) I had to cut part of the shifter arm on the transmission off, to put a new, slightly different arm on, it will make things a lot easier on you if you cut that arm off before putting the transmission in the car.

Another important thing to do before going to put the tranny in is to cut the welds on the crossmember. On the ends of the crossmember, on the two rods it connects to, should be some welds holding it tight. What you need to do, is cut those welds, and then slide the crossmember all the way forward on those rods(took some hammering also). The reason you have to do this is to make up for the difference in the length of the transmissions. Once you get it all the way forward, you can reweld it, or leave it loose. If you leave it loose, you are doing it at your own discretion, it never hurts to be safe and go ahead and weld it again.

Ok, it is time to put the transmission on.

I didn’t fill up the converter before putting it in, if you do, that’s fine, if not, I will explain what to do later on. Before we got the c4 under the car we put the bell on the transmission, and the converter in. We changed the valve body also before putting the transmission under the car. The final thing you need to do before putting the transmission in is to put the new flywheel on (if you needed a new one. For the small bell converter, I had to get a 157 tooth flywheel, for the large bell, the 164 tooth should work, make sure the converter and flywheel match!).

After we got the transmission under the car we got it into position ready to be jacked. We used two jacks, a large pole, and some fancy maneuvering to get the transmission up ready to go forward. If you have long tube headers, you are going to have to wrestle to get them between the two. It will definitely take some work wedging the bell between them. I had to go up top and jiggle the headers around while another person wiggled the transmission through.

NOTE: When you are trying to get the transmission up into place, make sure someone is holding the converter on at all times, you do not want it falling out or coming too loose.

After we got the transmission up into place we proceeded to get all the bolts on the bellhousing in partly, while having a jack supporting the transmission from under the oil pan (with wood on top).

NOTE: Some of the bolts from the aod bellhousing were too long to work on the c4 bellhousing. We had to go the hardware store, and buy about 4 bolts of the same type, just an inch shorter.

Once we got all the bolts on the bellhousing in loosely, we went ahead and bolted the converter to the flywheel. Once again, you are going to have to spin the converter around to get each bolt.

Once the converter was bolted down correctly, we moved to the back, and put the driveshaft back on.

So we could go ahead and get rid of the jack underneath, we put the crossmember back up, and bolted it on.

NOTE: The hangers for my h pipe wouldn’t work any longer, so I have left my h-pipe off of them, and it has been fine.

Once we got that bolted up, we moved to the shifter. I am not going to include a shifter install section, as there are lots of different shifters out there, and they are all different. All I will say in this area is to make sure you have it aligned correctly, and readjust it until it is good.

We now went through a check on everything; we gave all the bolts on the bellhousing the final tightening, and checked everything else.

AOD to C4 Swap Part Three

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