AOD to C4 Swap Part Three

AOD to C4 Swap

You have probably noticed some wires and a plug hanging loose by now. You can either find a way to make the neutral safety switch work, or you can do what I did. If you plan on doing it the same way as me, then go ahead and cut that plug off, and you should see four wires hanging out. If you don’t connect the neutral safety switch somehow then the car will not start, so this part is important. You are going to have to connect two wires: the white w/pink tracer and the red w/light blue tracer together. Once you have done this, it will be a closed circuit, and the car will start.

Now I went ahead and changed the filter in the transmission. You go about this by taking the pan off, and it should be right there on the bottom of the exposed part of the transmission. There will be a number of bolts holding it on , once you remove these it will come right off. I then put the new filter on, and the pan(with a new gasket) back on and bolted it down.

Finally, I went ahead and put the dipstick for the c4 on. The same one you used for the aod should work fine.

If you haven’t put on your oil cooler, go ahead and do this now, and then get the radiator and the fan back on nicely. One important thing here, is to try and get the cooler away from the radiator some, not right up against it. This could cause it to run hotter. The problem with this is I had to end up removing my ac condensor in order to do this. I am not going to go into a cooler installation here either, since there are lots of different coolers, and the installs are varied.

If your transmission was empty on fluid, it is time to go ahead and fill it. Since I didn’t put any fluid in the converter before hand it ended up taking 8 quartz to completely fill mine. I would recommend only putting about 5 or 6 quartz(checking often for fullness) before starting the car. I just used regular atf transmission fluid.

Get everything on the car put back together. If you drained the radiator, make sure you fill it back up again. If you need to change the engine oil, go ahead and do so also. Finally, do a last check and make sure everything is put on, and bolted down.

When I finally started my car, it would not go into any gear. I ended up having to put more fluid in, I underestimated the amount needed a great deal. If you need to add more oil, do it this way:

  1. Start the car, and check the fluid level.
  2. If it is low, poor fluid down through the dipstick tube with the car still running.
  3. Then I went back and ran the shifter through all the gears a few times.
  4. Check the fluid level, and if it needs more repeat the first three steps until it is full.

Now, check for any leaks underneath the car and address the problem if you have any. If everything looks all right, go for a short and easy test drive around the block. Get everything warmed up to normal operating, and see how it is doing. Make sure to check all the gauges during this test drive. If everything is good to go, pat yourself on the back, and job well done.

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