Alarm & Theft Protection Systems

Alarm & Theft Protection Systems

There are many products out that claim to keep your car from being stolen or delaying the time it takes for a burglar to break into your car, I have used many different alarm system's combined with other devices in an attempt to keep my car safe. While some do work and some will cause a delay, a pro thief will find a way around it quickly enough and then your car is gone. I have come up with just a few items that will stop a thief in his tracks short of having your car hauled off with a flatbed. Below is a list of what I use and in 12 yrs NO ONE has got into my car let alone try to steal it. It might seem like overkill, but I want to make certain my car is there when I get back..

  • This is probably the best device on the market today. The (Auto Lock). It's design is virtually un breakable and cannot be removed at all unless the thief has a cutting torch. I'm sure many of you have heard of it.
  • Use a kill switch and hide the switch. I found a very nice system in the JC Whitney book that uses a plastic key. If someone tampers with any part of the ignition or electrical. The key pops and it shuts down the entire electrical. It comes with 2 keys which have a number on them so you can get more keys if needed. Each key is matched to the rest of the system which consists of 6 wires of which only 2 are used, the other 4 are wrapped up inside the main harness and go knowhere, if the thief tries to tap any of the wires, the key will pop. There are many combinations when using 6 wires, so if he doesn't find the correct 2 the first time, it's all over for him. This costs about $20.00
  • Use an internal alarm. I use a 110 decible alarm that mounts inside the car. If a thief breakes in, it goes off. A 110 decible high pitched sound will drive him crazy and after 30-45 seconds of continued exposer in an enclosed area can cause permanent hearing loss.
  • Of course use an external alarm of your choice to try and attract other people's attention, but most people are used to that by now and it rarely works as it's supoosed to in preventing a thief from stealing your car, but all together it helps to some degree.
  • I also use a brake handle to shifter lock. it's a hollow tube that slides over the brake handle and then extends up against the shifter preventing it from coming out of gear.
  • A fuel cut off is good too, just don't tell anyone where it is, not even your mother (lol)
  • Theres also a device that allows you to remove the steering wheel off the steering shaft. It's very similar to what is used in NASCAR racing. It is also a very good device in deterring thieves since without a steering wheel, it makes it almost impossible to drive the car.

DO NOT use devices like "The Club" or othet steeringwheel devices. They can be removed very quickly by just cutting the steering wheel.

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  • A fuel cutoff switch can be a security device both in the sense of saftety and a theft deterant. When done properly no one will even know it exists except you.


    • 14 GAUGE WIRE
  • Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. So what, exactly, are you getting when you plunk down $20.00 for a cheap set of wires? You’re getting a headache, that’s what. Actually what you’re getting is a very cheap set of carbon string wires that probably produce OHMS resistance near the 10,000 mark. What this means to you is that you’re not only taking away from the peak performance of your automobile, you’re also ensuring a wire replacement the next time you change out your spark plugs.

  • This is an Installation guide on how I did mine for my ZEX N20 Kit, the Bottle warmer and a electric fan on a 5.0 Litre Mustang.

  • You have probably noticed some wires and a plug hanging loose by now. You can either find a way to make the neutral safety switch work, or you can do what I did.

  • Kit Manufacture: Incon Systems
    Vehicle: Ford Mustang (86-93)
    Type Of Power Adder: Intercooled Twin Turbo kit

    Things You May Ask Before You Buy:

  • Maufacturer: Ford Motor Company

    Model: Mustang - GT 35th Anniversary Edition

    (Ordered April 5, Picked up May 18, 1999)