87-97 Ashtray Panel Installation

87-97 Ashtray Panel Installation

This is an Installation guide on how I did mine for my ZEX N20 Kit, the Bottle warmer and a electric fan on a 5.0 Litre Mustang. NOTE: you can hook up many different devices obviously to this panel and a majority of these procedures will still be the same except for wire size, the accessory & routing. *A Parts list will be shown at the bottom of this article*, so please make sure you have the required parts before attempting to install the panel.

  1. Disconnect battery
  2. Locate a good 12 volt source (battery) that has an amperage rating 15 amps above the rated fuse for the bottle warmer as it comes with a built in 35 amp fuse (I used a pre-existing 8 gauge wire that was already routed to my 10 meter ham radio and already had a 35 amp fuse inline at the battery post and a 7amp fuse at the radio itself) This will protect from blown fuse‘s or melted wires causing a short or other terrible things causing your panel switches to burn out and fail.
  3. I took a section of the supplied red 14 gauge wire that came with my bottle warmer and tapped off my 8 gauge wire (all ready fused at the battery end) and connected it to the main power tab on my BLUE rocker switch for the bottle heater. I took another section of the same red wire (cut to length) and used it to connect to the accessory tab on the same BLUE rocker switch then back to the small red wire coming from the bottle heater itself and used a butt connector. Use the supplied grounding eyelet, Crimp it to the black wire from the bottle heater and attach to a good ground. (Your bottle heater wiring is now fuse protected and finished)
  4. The supplied N20 toggle switch with the red cover already comes with a pre cut 14 gauge wire with a 15 amp fuse inline which normally connects to 12 volt’s in the fuse block OR an existing 12 volt wire that has a 20 amp ( or higher) fuse connecting to the fuse block. (I used this wire to connect to the power tab on my RED rocker switch and connected the other end to my 8 gauge fused wire, This leaves an open tab on the main N20 toggle switch Now cut a section of 16 gauge red wire and connect it to the open tab on the main covered toggle switch to the accessory tab on the RED rocker switch. NOTE (I did this alteration as an extra safety feature) but is not required if you feel safe having the rocker switch do the main arming of your N20. If that’s the case, then just leave the *Hot* wire from the covered toggle switch to 12 volts alone. Crimp on a female spade connector to the ground tabs on all the rocker switches and connect the other ends to a good ground. I did it this way on my RED N20 rocker switch so the switch acts as a *pre-arm* so my child or any passenger can’t arm my N20 by just pushing the rocker switch. I have to flip both the RED rocker switch AND the main toggle switch with the red protective cover to complete the circuit. Leave the other wire running from the other tab on the covered N20 toggle switch to the NMU alone. (Your N20 wiring is completed), only now it has a built in Pre-Arm safety feature. By doing it this way, one can turn on the RED N20 rocker switch and it WILL light up, but it won’t be fully activated till you flip the red covered toggle switch.
  5. On my electric fan, I just extended the existing wires and added the ground wire to a solid ground, then just connected the 2 wires leading from the fan to my GREEN rocker power tab and to the accessory tab. That was it. (Your fan switch is now finished)
  6. My YELLOW rocker switch is not in use at the moment, but the grounding is all done. I’ll find a good use for it soon =)
  7. Now just tuck the wires neatly away under the console, snap the hold down bracket into its place, then tighten down the panel and your all finished. *Make sure the rocker switches are positioned so that when they are off, the depressed side is near the driver side. This way I found to have more room to tuck the wires away* Re-connect the battery and the job is complete. ENJOY!

Extra Parts needed for ashtray panel install 1 roll of 16 gauge red wire.

  • 1 roll of 16 gauge black wire
  • 1 box of female spade connectors

NOTE: Each rocker switch has 3 male spade tabs on them Power, accessory & ground PS. This is just the way I set mine up as I’m sure it will be different depending on what accessories you use.

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    • 14 GAUGE WIRE
  • Now it’s time to wire up the 3 wires coming from the NMU which are Red, Black & White. Connect the black wire to a good ground anywhere in the area of the NMU.


    • 15 ft. of 1 gauge wire,(Lugged on both ends).
    • 15ft. of 4 gauge wire, (Lugged on both ends).
  • Here is what I have. A 130amp alternator complete with stator wire, short bolt, and with no exchange required. Mine came with the standard finish for $145.00 with shipping included.

  • A fuel cutoff switch can be a security device both in the sense of saftety and a theft deterant. When done properly no one will even know it exists except you.

    • Unplug the negative battery terminal THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
    • Disconnect your starter from your bellhousing.
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