1982 Ford Mustang GT Hatchback Data Sheet

1982 Ford Mustang GT Hatchback Data Sheet

Born On: March 1982

Adopted: August 1982 (my parents), January '01 (title changed to my name)

Style: GT, Hatchback

Factory Options: Power Steering, A/C, Power brakes, GT trim, vinyl interior, pin striping option (car was wrecked and repainted as is in '85), 4-speed manual-5.0 combo (opposed to 4-speed automatic-4.2 option).

Color: Jet Black

Modifications: Ignitions: MSD 6AL, MSD super conductor wires, MSD distributor. Cooling: Be Cool radiator, Flex-A-Lite fan, Summit Racing water pump, stainless steel hoses, 165° thermostat. Engine: rebuilt 306. Suspension: FRPP front lower control arms, Eibach springs, KYB GR2 shocks and struts, BBK caster/camber plates.

Future Mods: Engine: FRPP 460 with Summit Racing 514 stroker (and all the good stuff). Brakes: FRPP Cobra R 5-lug 4-disc brake kit. Suspension: FRPP rear upper and lower control arms, Maximum motorsports chassis stiffeners, MM torque arm, MM panhard bar. Drivetrain: Borg Warner T-56, FRPP carbon fiber driveshaft, FRPP 8.8 Traction-Lok rear-end 3.55:1. Exterior: Want to replicate the original paintjob (it was sweet when the car had it). Interior: New carpet, new seats (front and back), new plastic, Sony Xplod stereo.

Parent(S): Donabed C. Kopoian

Location: Reno, NV or Escondido, CA

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