Ford Motor Company is Giving Consumers the Opportunity to Get in Touch with their 'Mustang Side'

Ford Motor Company is Giving Consumers the Opportunity to Get in Touch with their 'Mustang Side'

Ford Motor Company is giving consumers the opportunity to get in touch with their 'Mustang side' through "The '10 Unleashed" campaign, part of its new 2010 Ford Mustang launch. Drifter Vaughn Gittin, Jr. was the first to unleash the new Mustang in Japan, as part of Ford's '10 Unleashed' interactive program that will allow Mustang fans to unleash their 'inner Mustang' by creating their own, once-in-a-lifetime Mustang experience in the new 2010 Ford Mustang. Find out more at

Through August 15, consumers will have the opportunity of living out their ultimate experience behind the wheel of a 2010 Ford Mustang - whether drifting in Japan like world champion Vaughn Gittin, Jr. or customizing a new Mustang using Ford Racing Performance Parts.

"During its 45 years, Mustang has touched people's lives in so many different ways, and we've enjoyed hearing those stories leading up to the introduction of the new 2010 Mustang," said Allison Revier, Ford Mustang brand manager. "Now, it's time to look forward and create new stories to fill the next chapter in the history book of America's favorite muscle car."

Consumers are asked to submit their own Mustang dream experience by answering the following question "if you could unleash your Mustang side, how would you do it?" in 250 words or less via Ford's "The '10 Unleashed" site at Written submissions will be judged based on creativity, uniqueness, and execution of idea. Winning submissions will be selected every few weeks, and winners will be able to turn their Mustang experience into reality.

In all, Ford will provide ten once-in-a-lifetime experiences, with four created by Ford and six created by consumers.

Ford Racing and Falken Tire Mustang drift racer Vaughn Gittin, Jr. has posted his experience at where he shares his ultimate experience of traveling to Japan with a new 2010 Ford Mustang and demonstrating his sport amongst to those that originated it on the streets and tracks all over the country. During early march, Gittin shared his adventure from Oasaka to Tokyo to Ebisu, where he drifted on tracks such as the Bihoku Highland Circuit and the YZ circuit with "Drift King," Keiichi Tsuchiya and many other local enthusiasts.

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