2010 Mustang Performs The Impossible on The Las Vegas Strip

2010 Mustang Performs The Impossible

World champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. kicked off Ford Mustang’s ’10 Unleashed campaign by taking the American muscle car to drift the streets of Japan. For the 10th and final installment of Unleashed, Vaughn finds himself playing a different role.

The 10th experience is not Gittin’s wish; it is Steve Wyrick’s, a famous Las Vegas magician. Gittin, Wyrick and the 2010 Mustang teamed up to perform one of the biggest illusions to hit the Las Vegas Strip.

“My grandfather’s prize possession in life was a 1970 Mustang Mach 1, one of the sickest cars you could imagine,” said Wyrick. “Knowing of my grandfather’s love for the Mustang, I wanted to incorporate the 2010 Mustang into one of my acts and unleash my Mustang side by performing one of my biggest illusions yet on the Las Vegas Strip.”

Picture the Las Vegas Strip shut down and abuzz with visitors, casino hoppers and revelers anxiously waiting to witness one of Wyrick’s biggest illusions yet. Shackled by the Las Vegas police in the middle of the strip, Wyrick embraces what is about to come. Gittin lights up the tires and suddenly races down the strip in a silver 2010 Mustang and slams right into Wyrick. As the Mustang races out the other side, the driver’s door swings open…

“Our goal was to make the final ’10 Unleashed experience something truly unforgettable,” said Steve Ling, N.A. car marketing manager, Ford Motor Company. “To have Vaughn race down the Las Vegas Strip in Spellbinder after kicking off the campaign by drifting the Mustang around Japan was a perfect ending to a great campaign.”

This 10th and final experience is among several dream Mustang experiences Ford has brought to life with ’10 Unleashed. Along with Gittin sliding sideways around Japan, these include consumer Roger Keeney driving blindly, four gamers testing their Need for Speed SHIFT™ in real life at Willow Springs Raceway, and professional skateboarders Pat Duffy and Jake Brown skating the streets of Los Angeles.

About the 2010 Ford Mustang:

For 2010, the Mustang sports a new exterior design; new world-class interior featuring well-crafted materials and updated technology including SYNC® and cutting-edge navigation; and a V-8 with even more horsepower and throatier signature Mustang exhaust sound.

For more information on 2010 Ford Mustang visit http://www.ford.com .

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