11,000 Customers have Already Ordered the 2011 Ford Mustang with V-6 Engine

2011 Ford Mustang

Ford says that 11,000 customers have already ordered the 2011 Mustang, which is three times the number of advanced orders the last model had before its launch. Ford decided to attribute this to the Mustang's improved fuel efficiency.

The V-6 shows some fairly impressive mileage gains, with a combined EPA rating of 30 miles pr gallon without sacrificing performance. This is a 25% improvement over the last model, and Ford says orders for the V-6 have shot up 19% over last year. All this with 305 horsepower under the hood.

Special packages, such as the Mustang Club of America Special Edition and the California Special, have also seen a bump in sales numbers that have exceeded Ford's expectations.

The base model '11 Mustang starts at $22,145 and goes on sale this spring.

Source: USA Today

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