Ford Mustang Still Sales King of the Road Over Chevrolet Camaro

Jan 06, 2010

The tally was pretty darned close, considering that Chevrolet Camaro didn't start racking up sales until April, but the tally is now official: Ford Mustang was the more popular pony car last year.

Ford sold 66,623 Mustangs in 2009. Chevrolet sold 61,648 Camaros, according to Autodata. And Dodge Challenger? Not much a challenger at all with 25,852 sold. (And a shame, because it is a blast to drive and really deserves more attention.)

You may recall a post a week back in which Chevrolet was heartily boasting about how Camaro is eating up Mustang's market, so we're sure victory on a full-year basis is feeling oh-so-sweet in Dearborn.

Even though Camaro was new and back on the market, Mustang was no slouch. It got a cool new redesign last year.

Chevrolet Camaro

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