Bob Chambers' 1965 Ford Mustang GT Fastback Data Sheet

1965 Ford Mustang GT Fastback Data Sheet

Born: April 14, 1965

Adopted: February, 1976

Style: GT, Fastback

Factory Options: GT package, 289 "A" code engine.

Color: Lincoln Aquamarine blue

MODIFICATIONS: modified Ford shaker hood scoop, Holley 715 CFM vacuum secondary carburetor, Edelbrock "Torker" manifold, 289 "HiPo" cylinder heads, Echlin "Tuned Lightning" dual point distributor with Accel "big yellow" coil, Cloyes double roller timing chain and gears, Crane solid lifter camshaft and lifters, windage tray, Blackjack headers, custom aftermarket bucket seats, monte carlo bar, Lakewood Traction bars, Ford "Mag Style" wheel covers, Grant wood steering wheel, Ford woodgrain instrument cluster bezel and glove box door, Blackhawk tachometer, Kidde fire extinguisher. The previous owner changed the car over from an automatic to a Ford Top Loader 4 speed and added a Hurst "Competition Plus" shifter from a 1970 Mustang.

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  • Maufacturer: Ford Motor Company

    Model: Mustang

    Year: 1967

    Style: Fastback

  • Born: 1985

    Adopted: 1996

    Style: GT, Fastback

  • 1970 Mustangs were mildly restyled. Headlight configuration reverted to a single seven-inch lamp on each side, this time inside the grille opening, Simulated scoops took the place of the outside headlights. The rear taillight panel was flat rather than concave and the taillights are recessed.

  • While maintaining a basic resemblance to previous Mustangs, the 1971 Mustangs were the largest and heaviest yet. Every dimension increased; Wheelbase was stretched to 109 inches.

    Engine choice still remained high; a total of ten different engines were available on the 1971 Mastang.

    Base engine was the 250 ci six-cylinder on all models except the Mach 1 which came with the 210 hp 302 and the Boss 351 which got a 330 hp version of the 351.

  • Name: Jeff Eason

    Location: Kirkland, WA

    Comments: 72 Mach 1 Mustang

  • Maufacturer: Ford Motor Company

    Model: Mustang - GT 35th Anniversary Edition

    (Ordered April 5, Picked up May 18, 1999)

  • 1969 was the second major restyle for the Mustang. Every dimension increased with the exception of wheelbase (it remainedat 108 inches) and height, which was lowered by 1 1/2 inches.

    Including the two Boss engines, there was a total of ten differentengines available. Headlight configuration for the first time went to four, four-inch units. The fastback body style, called SportsRoof, came with simulated rear side scoops and a spoilered rear. Convertibles and hardtops used a simulated rear quarter panel vent.