Ford Motorsports RPM Extender

FRPP RPM Extender

FRPP RPM Extender is a piggy back module that connects to your stock EEC. It is not designed to work separately from the stock computer, rather it is designed to enhance the stock unit with the timing curve programmed in the Extender unit.

FRPP RPM Extender was one of my selection after having the heads, cam, MAF and High Flow Cats put in. As you can see, I had a chip in my car before this combo, but I opted for this unit instead of the re-burn of the chip. I liked the chip, but for me, without the access to the programming unit, it was kind of cumbersome to have the chip re-burned every time I change something on the car.

I also had the PRO-M conversion kit with the 93 Computer along with the extender, so my viewpoints won't necessarily provide information on the extender alone.

  • Fan Control: I had it running all the time, and do recommend this to everyone. At the track, I'll shut the engine off, key on, and have the fan running to cool the engine down. Make sure that you have a charged battery, and keep it within 5 minutes....
  • Extender has a aggresive timing curve tuned in, can't adjust this (not that I know of) and I think it kicks in at around 4000rpms. Check my dyno graph on the MOD section.
  • Adjustment of the Rev. Limit and A/F Ratio is done by a tiny screw on the unit. Those two are the only adjustments possible on this unit. A/F Ratio adjustment is very handy, even at the track, depending on the GAS you're running that day. For the street, you can have a safe setup, and at the track, all out setup. Make sure that when you make adjustments, the ignition mus be OFF!
  • I would recommend this setup if you want a little more control over your fuel requirement than that the chip can provide.

Possible Screw Driver Adjustments:
FRPP RPM Extender

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